Brogdon RFID Services

Imagine a way to manage and track your equipment that’s easier to use, more efficient and less expensive than traditional methods. With Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, this is the new reality.

Integration is Power

RFID scanning aligns perfectly with our asset management services. If your current way of managing inventory doesn’t inspire confidence for accounting control purposes, The Brogdon Group may be a better option. We can come to your facility and develop a meaningful strategy to categorize and label your inventory in a way that diminishes losses and makes better use of capital.

Scan and Track Hundreds of Items Instantly

RFID technology utilizes radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transmit data from one place to another. When one of these RFID chips is tagged to a piece of equipment, it stores all of the electronic data for that object: what it is, how much it weighs, where it’s been, and where it’s going. It makes labeling and tracking a snap.

From there, just as with a traditional bar code and scanner, the chip is read and the information recovered. The difference is that it takes almost no time at all. In fact, an RFID scanner can track hundreds of tags at once. The tags don’t have to be visible, can be within the original packaging and still be recognized by the scanner. No more turning the object left, right and sideways to find that disappearing bar code.

Know Exactly What You Have and Where It Is

With RFID technology, you can track an object throughout every stage of assembly. For example, in a hospital environment, an item can be tracked as it travels from receiving to central supply - and even after it’s been moved to the patient floor. RFID is a highly appropriate solution for material management to administer an abundance of specialty equipment. Knowing exactly what you have allows you to reuse your existing supplies and equipment instead of purchasing new ones.

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